About us


Mosi Tekstil is one of the leading ready-made garment manufacturers in Turkey since 2005.

The area We specialize in is supply chain management of high volume goods that require sensitive timing for Turkey and the leading brands in the world via the global network.

We provide our customers with accurate, fast and ethical values besides supporting our suppliers by developing their quality standards. In addition to perceiving customer satisfaction as a priority, our purpose is to be a model company with our transparent management methods and reliability. We build our business on principles like innovation, continuous improvement and development. At the same time, we have a purpose of creating a participative organization culture. With the help of dynamic and productive work force, we ensure that our team spirit and concept of organizational commitment are kept alive.


  • By automatic systems integrated into production organization it is made a principle to load the required number of products compatible to requested deadline at requested quality.
  • Performance is accepted as a priority for defined production and design areas and it is focused to performance-focused works with a seperate team for the purpose to reach high performance.
  • Compatible tools were developed for the usage of machinery and equipments compatible to requested performance and also is worked on new developments.
  • Thanks to its internal production organization, predicting all fast fashion customer demands from design to customer satisfaction, it directs the main production.
  • Thanks to experienced business development specialists, optimization of business processes is ensured by performing work studies and business improvements.
  • With the technical staff performing maintenance and repair of machines and equipments regularly, the optimum and standard use of tools and equipments is ensured.


  • Among the defined areas within the company, -creative area- is one of the most valued areas in Mosi Tekstil.
  • In this area, it is aimed to create new designs that are suitable for or will extend the visions of customer and to create new samplings for broadening the horizons of customers with the use of high technology equipments by a well-supported design team.
  • In this creative area which is prepared for creating trend and fast fashion products and customer collections, there is a capacity of 100 samples and collections.


  • Mosi Tekstil has environment conscience in its all production processes.
  • It shows the sensitivity necessary for ensuring labour safety of workers, takes worker satisfaction as a basis and continues to make improvements in terms of worker health and labour safety.
  • Including all its contract workshops (Turkey + Albania), it owns bsci and sedex audit certifications.


  • Besides all these works, Mosi Tekstil also gives importance to sustainability.
  • With the programme called cotton made in africa, it aims to use africa cotton in the production. It owns a cmia certification.
  • With the project which is based on using daylight for the renewable energy use and is prepared for Izmir development agency, effective use of natural energy sources is ensured.
  • With carbon performance footprint conformity, it provided developments for environmentally conscious production mentality.
  • It has cpi2 bronze certification.
  • It aims to obtain silver certification by the end of 2016.
  • It owns oeko-tex certification. There have been works to obtain greenpeace oeko-tex plus certification


  • Mosi Tekstil is organized to deliver the most cost-effective and quality product to customers in fastest way.
  • As well as the systematic operation of current production processes, while complete production planning process is provided by computers thanks to the information support system installed in computers, production organization may be followed online.
  • Customer-oriented and effective work is ensured with customer groups created in the area defined effective area.
  • By performing purchase and planning processes in their internal processes, each of the customer groups ensure the production of both high and low quantity orders within deadline.

Contact us

Buca Factory
Buca O.S.B. (BEGOS) Mah.,
Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Cad. No: 98,
Buca, Izmir/TURKEY
+90 232 281 64 80


Sarnıç / Central Factory
Dokuz Eylül Mah. 694 Sk. No:9,
Gaziemir, Izmir/TURKEY
+90 232 251 4141
+90 232 281 6480


Urfa Factory
Keçiören O.S.B. Mah., Cad. No:8,
Eyyübiye, Urfa/TURKEY
+90 549 793 05 40



Tiran Factory
Gjokaj Berxulle, Zona kadastrale 1751 ,numer pasurie 75/5,
+355 84 26 4209


Gjirokaster Factory
Zona Industriale Gjirokaster Shqiperi
Gjirokaster Shqiperi/ALBENIA
+355 84 26 4209